Fishing Conservation Areas in Fiskeland

The Fishing Conservation Areas – FVO in Swedish – are a collaboration aimed at managing fishing that includes land and fishing rights owners. An FVO often embraces several lakes where you can fish once you’ve bought a fishing licence. At the same time you will be informed exactly which are included and what rules are in force. If you want more information, make sure you get it before you begin fishing.


The FVOs are volunteer organizations working with fishing. Their goal is to ensure that anyone sports fishing in Fiskeland can enjoy as solid, ecologically sustainable fishing as is possible. The funds collected from the sales of fishing licences are used to improve that experience in various ways. Included are docks, stocking (salmon and trout), improvements in spawning areas, slipways, maps and monitoring. Everything done benefits our fishing guests both today and in the future.


More information about our FVOs and fishing can be found in the menu. And with the information, a warm welcome!