Boat Ramps

Boat ramps in Fiskeland Dalsland

Many of our lakes have Boat ramps for trailer boats!

At most of the Fiskeland slipways there is a dock, as well, but sometimes you have to manage without. In this section we describe some of the slipways available to visiting fishermen. There may be a slipway fee, but if there is there are usually signs at the site.

Be sure to park your car and trailer in the places indicated in order not to prevent others from launching their boats. REMEMBER that slipways are primarily intended for launching boats, not canoes.


Some good advice for good Boat ramp culture: 

  1. Prepare your boat and trailer for launching away from the slipway so as not to keep others from launching.
  2. Tilt the outboard up and back into the water until the surface is just below the trailer’s rear wheel hub. Keeping the hub out of the water will prevent damage to the bearings.
  3. Set the handbrake on the trailer and the car. Release the extra safety cleat between the boat and the trailer.
  4. Crank the boat out with the cable still attached to the boat. Don’t let go of the crank. If there are two of you, ask your fishing buddy to hold the painter while the boat glides into the water. 
  5. Release the cable cleat and tie the boat to the dock.
  6. Move your car and trailer so as not to keep others from launching their boats.

Pay any Boat ramp fee BEFORE going out on the lake.

Welcome to Fiskeland!