A few Fiskeland fishing facts

Imagine an area as rich in lakes and fish to choose from as any in Scandinavia!

Do that and you have imagined the Dalsland Fiskeland area with its large, deep, clear lakes and small forest tarns, most of them waters linked in vast lake systems. There is a wide range of fish species creating huge variety for sports fishing. The larger lakes in both Sweden and Norway are organized in fishing conservation areas where the land and fishing rights proprietors manage the fishing. In all these waters you can buy fishing licences granting you the right to fish in accord with rules and periods in force.


This multitude of lakes and fish species offers you, as a visitor and fisherman, uncountable opportunities for exciting fishing experiences. Mostly you’ll be alone in your favourite cove. Fiskeland is not like many other areas. Most often you’ll be the first one just in that exact spot. And the lakes are so clean and clear that you can frequently drink the water you are fishing in!


The most common fishing methods in Fiskeland are spin, coarse, trolling and fly. If you like ice-fishing, there are many opportunities here as well. Should you wish to specialize on vertical fishing or float trolling or on just one species, there are many opportunities hear.


We hope that you will bring the family, letting them enjoy fishing experiences combined with delightful relaxation.

A warm welcome awaits all!!